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Recent Expansion - Kelly SystemsKelly Systems

Recent Expansion

Growing to better serve your needs

Since 2009, Kelly Systems has been hiring more IT techs and office managers. This expansion is due to the higher demand for services that KSI has to offer. We have relocated not only once, but twice to larger sites in Hot Springs since 2011, to accommodate our new techs and projects.

We were recently added to the Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce, having the ribbon cutting in June of 2012. In April of 2013, Kelly Systems had over 70 Arkansas/Oklahoma clients, with more on the horizon. We were recently featured in the Sentinel Record newspaper special, Family Owned Businesses.

In July of 2013, Kelly Systemsopened an office in Little Rock; the first time that KSI has ever had more than one office operating at once. Our techs have to travel to LR so often, that having an office there will be convenient for our clients and employees.

The Little Rock office is behind the Bill Clinton Presidential Library, near downtown.

Our Location

450 Lakeland Drive

Hot Springs, AR 71913