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Nationwide Travel - Kelly SystemsKelly Systems

Nationwide Travel

You will feel confident with Kelly Systems’ experience

Kelly Systems is known by companies all over America. Our professional work has led to projects with companies as large as Walmart in Bentonville, AR, to Georgia-Pacific in Atlanta, GA, and we are known by hosts of diverse companies across Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

Smucker’s Jelly out of Orville, Ohio contacted Kelly Systems in 2010 for IT services. In 2012, the Owner, Kevin Kelly, was offered a senior manager position for the IT department of General Motors in Detroit, Michigan, but turned it down to stay in Hot Springs.

We have traveled across the country doing business, going as far as Kennebunkport, Maine in the east to Pleasanton, California in the west. We have had a presence in the IT world since 1994 in over 20 states.

Recently, KSI has enjoyed a more local presence in Hot Springs, Little Rock, and all over Arkansas. We still travel the nation, but we focus mainly on medium and small businesses in central Arkansas.

Our Location

450 Lakeland Drive

Hot Springs, AR 71913