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Kelly Systems - IT Support. Tech Services. Website Design. Simplifying ITKelly Systems | IT Support. Tech Services. Website Design. Simplifying IT

Located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and a satellite office in Little Rock, Kelly Systems is your local IT support team to help you lower your costs and utilize your technology investment to the fullest. We provide around the clock IT support services, and that’s why we are your one stop IT shop. Let us simplify IT for you!

450 Lakeland Drive
Hot Springs, AR 71913

Our Services

IT Support

Over 70 businesses in Arkansas have put their trust in Kelly Systems for their IT needs. We come to your business to fix any system problems, while finding...

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Networking Support

Your network probably doesn’t operate as fast as you would want it to. Your data doesn’t get saved sometimes and you lose important documents...

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PC Tune Up

Your home or business PC will need tune ups; that’s just a given. And these tune-ups are vital for the continued operation of your computer...

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Backups And Data Security

You don’t realize how important some information is, until you lose it! While your server is keeping track of all the data that your business requires for operation...

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Website Design And Support

To have a presence in the modern economy requires the Internet, and having a well-developed website can make the difference in being...

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